Why we do it

My name is Natasha Kerimova. I am a passionate believer of sustainable slow fashion. My practical approach in this respect is simple: buy less, but buy high quality sustainable and fairtrade products. And the part of this philosophy is: do it yourself! I can teach you how to make great looking genuine leather accessories with your own hands. You will be astonished what you are capable of ))

My workshops / short courses

I am happy to invite you to my London studio for short individual or small group workshops/courses on how to make leather bags and other leather accessories. The workshops differ in difficulty and duration: from a brief course on making a simple coin purse or fob, up to two full-day workshops during which you will make a large elegant bag. You can make a pretty leather accessory for yourself or as a handmade gift for loved ones). There is also an opportunity to have completely individualised private tutoring based on your preferences and needs.

Such workshops are a great opportunity to learn a new skill and create a beautiful handmade accessory in the process. Additionally, leatherwork, as well as any other craft or art, also has an excellent relaxing effect taking the mind off everyday’ troubles. Who knows, you might even get addicted to leathercraft (as it actually happened to me one day).

What you will learn

The particulars of what exactly you can learn during my workshops depend on the type of a short course you choose and the product you intend to make (see descriptions regarding specific classes in the shop section of this website).

Each workshop will always start with the basics (unless you already know it, and the plan would be adjusted according to your needs and skills ), such as:

  • understanding leather;
  • learning how to use essential tools;
  • saddle stitching/machine stitching;
  • edge finishing;
  • pattern making for different kinds of bags (raised base bags, t-base bags, bags with collar gussets and etc.)

You can then apply these techniques to make a series of small items, a handbag, tote, satchel, backpack or a weekender.


Prices vary depending on your choice of workshop/product. Please, refer to descriptions of workshops in the “shop” section on our website. Individualised private tutoring is charged on an hourly basis (plus the costs of materials or using client’s materials), per request.


My studio is located at the following address: Studio E15, Cockpit Bloomsbury, Cockpit Yard, Northington Steet, WC1N 2PN, London. The location is very central to all amenities and convenient.

Health and Safety:

The following health and safety measures have been taken to ensure the workshops are in line with social distancing requirements due to COVID pandemic.

Prebooking is necessary to visit our studios building;
Each studio in our building is isolated;
Please, bring masks;
Hand sanitisers will be provided.