Hi! I am very fortunate because I have been able to reset my career and finally start doing something I genuinely enjoy! What I love is creating beautiful objects using leather, textiles, and other materials. I make my wearable art for people who have a want and artistic edge to the fashion and design in their lives. My costume jewellery collection is for those who select their accessories creatively, similar to the way fine art collectors assemble a collection of paintings!

In my work, I strive for excellence in both materials and craftsmanship. This has been my approach from day 1, because I got into this business at an age when quality does matter. Sustainability is another priority for me. I enjoy recycling and upcycling pieces of beautiful scraps and offcuts that are left over from my work or that I happen to come across! I create my jewellery and artwork using these materials! Sometimes I feel my level of creativity radically increases when I have to be extra creative due to the limits set by the available offcuts!

Awards: Recipient of the 2020 Abbey England award as a leather craft person, twice reached the final interview stage of QEST award in 2020 and 2021 as leather craft person.

Exhibitions: Handmade Chelsea 2021, 2022; Milano Jewelry week (Jewelry Drops) 2022; Anne Morgan winter exhibition 2022/23.

Member: Member of Cockpitarts studios, member of Craft Council, member of the Association of Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ)





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