Ten Cloudy is my London-based studio of statement leather accessories and costume jewellery with an emphasis on uniqueness and sustainability. I am Natasha Kerimova, the brand creator, the designer, and the maker behind Ten Cloudy. My dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability has been recognized through various awards and exhibitions. As the proud recipient of the 2020 Abbey England award for leather craft, and a two-time finalist for the prestigious QEST award, I am honored to be acknowledged within the artisan community. Ten Cloudy participation in exhibitions such as Handmade Chelsea, Cluster Contemporary Jewellery Fair and Milano Jewelry Week further underscores our commitment to showcasing Ten Cloudy work on a global stage.

As a member of Cockpit Arts Studios, the Craft Council, and the Association of Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ), I am deeply engaged in the artisan community, collaborating with fellow creatives and supporting the growth of our craft.

I invite you to explore my collection, join us in our craft classes, and become a part of our vibrant community. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing our passion with you!