Welcome to my production process! We strive to make Ten Cloudy as sustainable as possible. I personally design and make Ten Cloudy accessories. All products are created here in England, at my studio in Cockpit Bloomsbury. I do it with love and expertise, using hand tools, machines and applying classic craft
techniques. We use highest quality veg tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is an
ancient method in which tanning is achieved through the usage of wood, bark, plants and other organic tannins. The process is very
time consuming and requires considerable craftsmen skills. Veg-tanned leather is much more expensive, thick, high-quality leather. At the
same time, it is also a very biodegradable product.

I believe in working by demand, which means I prioritize pre-orders to minimize waste and ensure every piece I create is cherished by its owner. This approach allows me to focus on producing high-quality, bespoke accessories that truly resonate with my customers.

My process begins with crafting larger accessories, such as bags, as they require meticulous attention to detail and serve as the foundation for my work. Once the main pieces are complete, I utilize the leftover leather cuts from my own projects, as well as those from bag-making workshops I conduct with my students. Rather than discarding these scraps, I transform them into leather artworks, small accessories, and jewelry, breathing new life into what would otherwise be considered waste.

However, my commitment to sustainability doesn't end there. I'm constantly exploring innovative ways to reduce production waste even further. From experimenting with eco-friendly materials to implementing efficient manufacturing techniques, I strive to make my production process as sustainable as possible.

But sustainability isn't just about my own practices – it's about inspiring others to make a positive impact too. That's why I encourage people to repurpose their old leather products into something meaningful. Whether it's transforming a beloved handbag into a custom accessory or creating a sentimental gift for a loved one, there are countless ways to give new life to old leather and reduce waste in the process.

Join me on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can turn waste into art and make a difference, one accessory at a time.