November 2020

Hi, everyone. The situation outside is changing rapidly, so the topic of this post is dealing with permanent uncertainty and the need to react promptly to changes.

I have been doing all sorts of things in October, ranging from private commissions (repairing, teaching, bespoke orders) down to designing new small accessories for my main Ten Cloudy line.

Last year I made a small batch of micro bags as Christmas tree decorations. This year I have decided to keep this tradition going and created micro Kensington satchels, a simplified mini version of my signature bags. I used off-cuts of the same leathers and suede as used for my real size bags production. For me, a vocal supporter of sustainable fashion principles it is important to make these small accessories using off-cuts to decrease production waste. You can see these bags at my website www.tencloudy.co.uk. There is a magnet closure. You can open the flap and put a candy or Christmas wish inside (or jewellery, if you dare). It is pretty and cute, cute, extremely cute Christmas tree decoration. Continuing with sustainability and waste reduction theme: by Christmas, I intend to make a whole range of Christmas gifts, leather necklaces and leather pins, all from off-cuts. Keep an eye)

Having been forced exclusively into the online sector for the foreseeable future, I have encountered a new problem which you might have come across too. Now I depend entirely on my social networks, so spend lots of time and efforts writing posts and editing images. That is why when Facebook and Instagram suddenly blocked my ad account for unusual activity without any further explanations, it was a shock. For the next two weeks, I have been relentlessly trying to reach their helplines, writing messages to support, filling numerous review and appeal forms without getting any feedback (not counting a general pinned note that due to covid it can take several weeks for them to respond to our pleas). Ultimately, the mistake was recognised and my ad account was restored. However, these were very stressful times for me as I came to realise that even though I have spent so much time creating my Instagram and Facebook profiles and community, in reality, all of it does not belong to me and can be momentarily taken away just because of some technical glitch.

And some fun news. Recently, I designed a special Halloween themed pumpkin bag for online UK leathercraft community challenge and. 14 cm at the widest part. This pumpkin is made with a piece of orange leather I’ve had lying around for several years as a reminder of my failed attempt to make an all-round zipped purse at the very the beginning of my leatherwork studies))​ And I think I’ve finally discovered an excellent way to get rid of this failure memorabilia and entertain my dear friends)) It was entertaining to participate, and actually, I even won that challenge. The prize is some shell cordovan leather so now will be thinking what to create using it.